Our Lifestyle Wellness program aims to provide practical tips and advice to improve your health and wellness. 

To help you achieve your health and wellness goals we've developed a FREE Printable Wellness Planner.

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Your Free Printable Wellness Planner

Research and get inspired before you start planning your week. Why not try some new recipes or a different workout? Scroll on to get inspired by our Lifestyle Wellness recipe ideas. Remember to also set yourself some weekly goals!


Keep your planner somewhere easily accessible so you can refer to it often; your fridge perhaps. Consider adding a "✔" next to the items you've successfully adhered to!


Spend some time writing down what meals you’ll consume and the workouts you’ll incorporate into your week. Don't forget to schedule in events you may have on and of course a treat day!


How will you gauge your progress? Try taking notice of how your clothes are fitting, or how you feel after your workout. Keeping copies of your past planners is also a great way to measure your progress.


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Olivia Turnbull is Lifestyle Communities Wellness Coordinator. She has a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science majoring in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology from Deakin University.

Olivia is passionate about helping people achieve healthy, active lives through knowledge and personal empowerment. 

Meet our Wellness Coordinator


Vicky, Lifestyle Communities Homeowner

"We learnt about exercise which is something I really need. Something I don't do enough of, so I found it really good"

Hear what some of our homeowners have to say about the program... 

Monica, Lifestyle Communities Homeowner

"Really inspired me. It's just simple things like the way you walk, the way you sit, very simple things but it makes you realise 'Hey I shouldn't be stooped over'. I learned a lot!" 

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